Tomorrow I am off to France!



January 15th, 2012

I began this project during my last semester of college in a quest to capture the quiet moments of my favorite part of day. Freezing these somewhat overlooked, every day events, brought back an appreciation for the wonder and beauty in my most intimate and private moments that I had recently lost touch of. It has been one year since the project began and I will be taking a break. At some point, the project became more of a chore than a pleasure and lost the true meaning of gratitude for the simple and significance in the seemingly insignificant.

New things are on the horizon. I am currently planning a move to New York City. Living only a 5 hour drive away has given me the opportunity to visit the city numerous times over the past few months. I am continuously inspired with every visit. The people, the music, the dance, the art, the food, the excitement and speed invigorate me and are calling me to dive into a world of madness and chaos. Within the chaos, I hope to not lose my ability to step back and take a breath. Stay quiet, observe, and feel gratitude for the small moments that have always held such deep meaning to me .

“I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens, but just those days that bring simple little pleasures, following on another softly, like pearls slipping off of a string.” -Lucy Maud Montgomery

Some quiet moments from my recent days.


Bloomington, IN

Upstate NY is a beautiful place.

Brooklyn, NY

Snow day.

The end of 2011

Friday 10.28.11

Sunday 10.30.11

Tuesday 11.1.11

Thursday 11.3.11

Saturday 11.5.11

Sunday 11.6.11

Tuesday 11.8.11

Friday 11.11.11

Monday 11.14.11

Friday 11.18.11

Monday 11.21.11

Thursday 11.24.11

Friday 11.25.11

Saturday 11.26.11

Monday 11.28.11

Tuesday 11.29.11

Thursday 12.1.11

Friday 12.2.11

Monday 12.5.11

Friday 12.9.11

Wednesday 12.14.11

Thursday 12.15.11

Monday 12.19.11

Tuesday 12.20.11

Saturday 12.24.11

Sunday 12.25.11

Monday 12.26.11

Tuesday 12.27.11

Thursday 12.29.11

Friday 12.30.11


Wednesday, 9.7.11

Thursday, 9.8.11

Saturday, 9.10.11

Wednesday, 9.14.11

Thursday, 9.15.11

Friday, 9.16.11

Saturday, 9.17.11

Tuesday, 9.20.11

Thursday, 9.1.11

What better way to bring in the new month than baking chocolate chip cookies at sunrise.

Wednesday, 8.31.11

Tomorrow is September!